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Why human powered small business support is smarter

Updated: Aug 23, 2021

This 21st century technological mega brain 'algorithm', has transformed how many organisations operate. Facebook for example, would not be where it is today without it's complex and largely mysterious algorithms. They know stuff about us that we don't even know about ourselves by our behaviours and actions on social media. Voice activated technologies have increased dramatically, but can they replace a real, caring human?

Sometimes a human touch truly does beat a machine’s algorithm and online automations.

Small businesses are a very special and diverse sector of our economy - and it's backbone. They need a trusted, expert advisor to individually help steer them through start up, growth, expansion and exit. An online platform, simply cannot do this. Nor can platforms where the business owner inputs their own data and either they have to make what they can of the information or their advisor uses this data as the basis of their advice.

Business owners are absolute experts in what they do and nobody know their business like them. But business owners are not accountants or bookkeepers or payroll managers or advisors.

Having an expert, trusted human to not only do the boring compliance work, but also to be an ear to bend and plan for the next steps is essential.

As Xero Gold Partners, we combine the personal, human touch with the power of Xero. 24/7 'always on' access to financial information with a specialist to help make sense of the figures. Decision-making is about more than machines interpreting data. It's a 2 way process and there are nuggets of information that algorithms simply don’t have access to.

Think of a spectrum of trust – many humans trust humans more than a machine’s decision-making. The specialist knowledge of advisors is trusted even more so.

Purple Accounts can help your small business no matter what stage you are at.

If you're switching accountant - we do it all for you. Click here to get started.

We'd love to hear all about your small business, so get in touch with David for expert help with your small business.


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