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Moving your business to the Isle of Man

Are you moving your business to the Isle of Man or starting a new one?

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If you're considering moving your business to the Isle of Man, there are several steps you need to consider to facilitate the process. Purple Accounts helps businesses like yours to relocate to the Isle of Man. As we are based in the Isle of Man and UK, our expertise in this area is perfect for those considering the move.

To get started, here's a general outline of what you need to do:

Research and Planning:

  • Familiarise yourself with the business environment, regulations and tax system as well as income tax in the Isle of Man.

  • Evaluate the feasibility and potential benefits of relocating your business to the island.

  • Determine the legal structure you want for your business in the Isle of Man (e.g., sole trader, partnership, limited liability company). We strongly advise that you get professional help with this from a reputable accountant who understands both UK and IOM tax, business and structures.

Seek Professional Advice for your move:

  • Consult with a qualified accountant or tax advisor who is knowledgeable about the Isle of Man's tax laws and regulations.

  • Engage a lawyer who specialises in company law to guide you through the legal aspects of the move.

Company Formation:

  • Register your business with the Isle of Man Companies Registry. Or your accountant will help with this.

  • Ensure compliance with all legal requirements for company formation, including local directorship and shareholding.

Transfer Operations:

  • Evaluate your existing assets, such as equipment, inventory, intellectual property and make arrangements to transfer them to the Isle of Man.

  • Notify your current suppliers, customers and business partners about the relocation and make necessary arrangements for continuity.

Employment and Visas:

  • If you need to relocate employees, ensure they meet the immigration requirements of the Isle of Man.

  • Familiarise yourself with the work permit regulations and consider engaging an immigration specialist to assist with visa applications where applicable.

Banking and Finance:

  • Open a business bank account in the Isle of Man to manage your financial transactions.

  • Transfer funds and establish banking relationships to support your business operations on the island.

Taxation and Compliance:

  • Understand the tax obligations and benefits for businesses in the Isle of Man.

  • Ensure compliance with local tax regulations and filing requirements.

  • Seek professional advice to optimise your tax position and take advantage of any available incentives.

Market Presence:

  • Develop a marketing and business development strategy tailored to the Isle of Man market.

  • Establish local connections, attend networking events and join industry associations to build relationships and promote your business.

The above steps provide a general overview and the specific requirements may vary based on the nature of your business and other factors. It is crucial to consult with professionals experienced in Isle of Man regulations and laws to ensure a smooth transition for your business.

Experts in IOM and UK tax

Choose Purple Accounts Isle of Man as your trusted partner and you'll have expert help every step of the way when you need it from our friendly small team both in the Isle of Man and UK.

A family run business, Xero Gold Champion Partners and the first to bring online accountancy to the Isle of Man- so you're in the very best hands for moving or starting your business whether it's in Douglas, Ramsey, Peel, online or anywhere in the Isle of Man.

Our monthly service combines the personal touch of your accountant with the efficiency and flexibility of Xero online software. Your monthly package covers everything from year end accounts, bookkeeping, VAT returns, payroll, Xero and more - it's all included!

Get in touch today and start your Isle of Man business journey.

Call David on 07624 336057 or email

Need help moving your life to the Isle of Man?

Check out our partner provider Lucy Kerr at Rock Relocations

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