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Five business ideas you can launch from a Truck

If you have always dreamed about owning your own business, why not consider launching a business from a truck? This is a great way to travel and share your product or services. The great thing about a business on wheels is that there are no limits to your creativity. With the right mindset, resources, and materials, you can practically set up any kind of business from your truck. This is your chance to be your own boss and take charge of your future.

(always check local regulations first)

In comparison to other types of business, setting up a company from a truck is relatively low-cost and budget-friendly. Depending on what equipment your business will need, buying a truck is much more cost-efficient than renting out a commercial space. Another great thing about having a business on wheels is that you don’t have to wait for customers to stumble across your business.

You can easily change your location, and this allows you to be strategic with where you set up your shop. Not only this, but your truck is a massive mobile advertisement for your business. Start building a great online presence and drive around town to catch the attention of locals.

Pet Groomers

One of the most profitable businesses ideas to have emerged in recent years is the mobile pet groomer. People love their pets, so it’s no surprise that this business on wheels has taken off. Taking your dogs out for a walk tends to be a very enjoyable experience, however, if your pets come back muddy and dirty, trying to give them a bath often turns a fun day into a nightmare. This is where a mobile pet groomer can come in handy, rather than having to book an appointment far in advance or travel to your nearest groomers, this mobile station can come to you. In terms of equipment, the costs of purchasing all of the necessary tools can amount to anything between £1,000 to £3,000. However, if you expand your services to include cats and dogs, you will reach an even greater audience. Not only this, but you can charge a surplus for coming directly to the customer’s home. Retail items would look fab in your mobile mini retail unit.


One of the most surprising trends to have emerged over the last year, is that more and more people have been reading books. Undoubtedly, the health crisis has played a part in this change in behaviour. People stuck at home are sick of watching tv and they have finally found some time to curl up with a great book. Business is booming for independent bookstores, so who is to say that you can’t grab a small slice of that market share with a mobile bookstore? This is a relatively easy business to set up. Drive around to leisurely areas, like a park or beach, on a sunny day and see how your customers flock towards your bookstore.


Flower arrangements and bouquet making are still two highly popular services, however, people are no longer inclined to leave the house just to buy flowers. Given that people no longer want to make long trips in order to go to the florists, these businesses end up with large amounts of perishable stock at the end of each day. Having a mobile flower business allows you to change up your audience as often as you please. You can go from one busy side of town to the other until you are completely sold out. You can also use your truck to advertise flower arrangement services for events like weddings or corporate parties.

Tattoo Shop

This idea may seem a bit more out there, however, you would be surprised at how many people love being spontaneous. If you really nail your branding strategy and show potential customers how professional your staff are, this business on wheels will go down a treat. The great thing about this business venture is that it is very cost-efficient to get up and running. However, people won’t get a tattoo unless the business looks reputable, professional, and trustworthy, so make sure to account for this in your planning. A tattoo shop can also be a hit at events like weddings, birthday parties, or even music festivals. Check with your local regulations on this one.

Vintage Clothing

According to market research, now more than ever, the younger generation are more conscious of their choices as consumers. This means putting fast fashion to the side and focusing more on buying locally or purchasing second-hand pieces. The great thing about owning a vintage clothing store is that you never have to worry about things coming in and out of style. You won’t have an excess of seasonal stock on your hands every few months. You can also find great deals at local charity shops or outlets and re-sell these for a higher price. If you get a large following on social media, you can also create polls to know where your followers would like to see you set up shop. You can gain a lot of insight through social media and really get to know your customers. Don’t forget to make your store fun. Play some music, set up a jazzy mirror, and get some funky decor to set the vibe.

Whatever business idea you end up choosing, just make sure to account for any potential challenges you may encounter along the way. This is why having a business plan can be very useful as it allows you to forecast the future trajectory of your company. Before you decide to launch your business on wheels, make sure that you have researched and planned everything methodically. However, researching and planning will only get you so far. For your business to truly succeed you must be passionate about what you do. When you work in something that you love, you will never have to work another day in your life.

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