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10 tips for switching accountant

Updated: Oct 25, 2023

Switching accountants as a small business involves a few key steps and should be really easy to do. Here's a guide from Purple Accounts help you through the process in the Isle of Man:

switching accountant Isle of Man

1) Evaluate your current situation:

Assess why you want to switch accountants. Identify any issues or concerns you have with your current accountant's services, such as lack of responsiveness, errors, or a mismatch in expertise.

2) Research potential accountants:

Look for local accountants in the Isle of Man who specialise in small business accounting and have a good reputation. Seek recommendations from other business owners, consult online directories, or use professional organisations like the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants.

3) Schedule initial consultations:

Get in touch with the accountants you are interested in and request an initial consultation or meeting. This will give you an opportunity to discuss your business needs, understand their services and evaluate their compatibility with your requirements.

4) Discuss your requirements:

During the consultations, clearly communicate your business's specific accounting needs, including financial statements, tax planning, bookkeeping, or any industry-specific requirements. Ask questions about their experience working with small businesses and their familiarity with local taxes in the Isle of Man. If you have a business in the UK and Isle of Man choose an accountant that knows both inside out - especially if you are moving your business to the Isle of Man.

5) Request proposals:

After the consultations, request written proposals from the accountants who seemed most suitable for your business. These proposals should outline the services they will provide, the fees or billing structure and any additional terms or conditions. Look for a monthly accountancy package, that helps you budget for the fees and and helps you keep on top of your admin.

6) Compare proposals:

Carefully review the proposals you receive, comparing the services offered, fees and other factors. Consider the accountant's expertise, responsiveness, and the level of personalised attention they can provide to your business.

7) Notify your current accountant:

Once you've selected a new accountant, inform your current accountant about your decision to switch. Here at Purple Accounts, we will notify the accountant of the switch.

Maintain professionalism and provide adequate notice to ensure a smooth transition. Request copies of your financial records, tax returns, and other relevant documents.

8) Facilitate the transition:

Work closely with your new accountant to facilitate the transfer of your financial records, files, and any ongoing work from your previous accountant. Provide access to necessary documentation, ensure a secure transfer of sensitive information and address any outstanding issues with your previous accountant. Your accountant should be able to set you up with accounting software such as Xero.

9) Settle outstanding payments:

Ensure that you settle any outstanding payments with your former accountant before closing the relationship. Clarify any billing or outstanding fees to avoid future complications.

10) Establish clear communication:

Establish clear lines of communication and expectations with your new accountant. Share relevant business information, set up regular meetings, and discuss your accounting needs and goals to ensure a productive and successful working relationship.

Remember, switching accountants is a business decision, and finding the right fit for your small business can help you better manage your finances and achieve your goals.

Purple Accounts is a friendly, family run local business established in the Isle of Man in 2007. Helping hundreds of small business owners to manage their finances and do better in business.

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